The protection of information in our time claims great attention. Therefore, the young and energetic company Gress, which has already managed to establish itself among customers, turned to us to find and visualize its individual identity style, which will embody reliability, confidence and protection.

We received an order to develop the Gress information security systems company logo and corporate identity in the summer 2018.

We needed to find a solution that fully conveys the philosophy of the company and reveals the individual style and recognizable character of Gress.

Process of creation

For 6 weeks, we have created an individual style, logo with content, we have fully developed the beech brand, filled with all the necessary visualizations, guidelines and instructions for its use and application.

Our solution designed in the original format. It is а business card – a cipher as a security system, and a decoder that is applied to the business card itself to see the necessary information - name, surname, phone number. Non-standard designer style lives in memory, attracts attention and personifies the personality of Gress.


The modern style of the “identification mark” - the company’s logo immediately attracts attention with its clear lines and the content of the image.

Forms and templates

Attractiveness, content, form a combination with the right ideas, creates a corporate identity, every detail of which creates the necessary image of the company.

Corporate identity is not possible without business etiquette. Properly executed business documentation in a corporate style is another tool for a successful unobtrusive acquaintance with the brand.

For Gress, discreet and concise minimalism was chosen, with the original meaningful design of the logo.

Everyone in this labyrinth can see “their” form, but not everyone can find a way out - they will solve the riddle.

Everyone in this labyrinth can see “their” form, but not everyone can find a way out - they will solve the riddle.


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