Kelevra team

Kelevra team

The end of March 2019. The next conference Blockchaine UA. Yes! Do not believe it, but in cryptocurrency and smart technology contracts we are also well versed. There we meet our good friend – Kir Kelevra.

He is preparing a new project, and he needs to collect the brand book and develop a personal brand.

From strategy and design to marketing strategies. And now, in April 2019, we are working together on a new project.

Creation process

Before we set the following objectives: the development of the brand and corporate identity, a new positioning strategy of Cyrus and his team, the communication strategy and the strategy of promotion.


Implementation of the project had limited period. At the first stage we were given 4 weeks. It includes business and communication strategies. Everything was done in terms of quality and high. Working with such customers is a pleasure.

Design elements

The main part of the design became our hero. For this was organized the special photo session in which we have accumulated material for further work.

The key design elements became bright yellow and black color maximum contrast. The basic form is laconic minimalism.

Thus, from a serious financial business we have created a product that is absolutely accessible and understandable to everyone. The product aims to enable as many people around the world as possible to understand blockchain technologies, not be afraid of cryptocurrency and learn to make real money on them.

It is a pleasure to work with such customers. He was always on the same wave, qualitatively deepened and involved in all processes. At the same time, he always expressed his expert opinion in the field, but also listened to our correct recommendations.

The project turned out to be very friendly and frankly high. We are always happy to work with Cyrus and his team. We are already waiting for the next joint project.


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