Liberty Residence

Liberty Residence

Our agency has been working with Liberty Residence since June 2020. Our values ​​largely coincide with the values ​​of this brand.

Liberty Residence is a residence of freedom in every sense and manifestation. This is a true club house for people who value comfort and privacy.


The basic version of the logo is the name Liberty Residence, executed in a serif type Transitional Serifs, which combines the features of the old style, typical for writing with a wide nib, and elements of the new style, the shape of which is associated with the peculiarities of the metal engraving process.

The logo is complemented by a double border of different thickness, around the font part, made in forms that repeat the elements of classical architecture.

The clients of Liberty Residence are the persona whose lifestyle implies clubbing, intimacy, solitude. At the same time, they want to live in the historical center of Kiev - they will not agree for less. It is these people that the visual content, images and graphics made by are focused on.


For the residential complex we have developed a concept and brand positioning, created a website, logo, brand book, printing design and all other elements of visual design and corporate identity.


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