Tanya Novikova

Tanya Novikova

This happened in early 2019. When everything around was still in hibernation, a storm of energy burst into our office, which led to the desire to act, achieve and inspire.

It was Tatyana Novikova, a specialist in facefitness. Tatyana wanted as many people as possible to learn about her and be able to become healthier, more confident and attractive. She clearly saw that she needed her recognizable, individual, personalized brand. And we suggested how to achieve this purpose and what is necessary to.

Our team faced two main tasks: developing a personal Brand and a website that will not only provide information clearly and easily, and most importantly – sell services.

Tatyana’s idea opened a niche for us, which turned out to be completely unknown and full of opportunities in Ukraine. Analogs in other countries did not cause enthusiasm. And our team was pleased to study this service, its advantages and special characteristics. Our attention was focused on the face. According to the features and facial expressions, the smallest details, what Tatyana works with is what worries her and women of any age, and not just women. Therefore, we realized that this detail should be used to convey the opportunities and potential that Tatyana Novikova offers as an expert on facefitness. As a result, the formulated strategy was visualized in a personal Brandy and recreated on the site as the main element of the sale.

Process of creation

We had two months. For the beginning we collected and analyzed information on the service itself, worked with Tatyana, her history, experience, achievements and skills. Then we designed a personal brand. And in the second month we fulfilled the main objectives of the project: created a website and developed a positioning strategy. As a result, we have: a satisfied customer and a new service for the beauty and health of charming women, and not only.

  In the process of working on the brand of Tatyana Novikova, we wanted to convey and emphasize the tenderness and sensuality of the female world as much as possible. To do this, we turned to works of art and used a circle with a cross section as the personification of the “golden section”, used trendy minimalistic fonts and picked up a calm, nude palette of colors. They filed the visualization with the maximum conciseness and simplicity of forms.

Informers and accessories

The personal brand of a new service for our market required us to take a non-standard approach to creating informers about upcoming events and master classes. As a result, original cubes appeared, where each of the faces acted as an informer with its own special message.


The design of pleasant and convenient accessories has been specially designed for promotional sets, which will be a great addition to gaining useful and unique techniques and knowledge at large master classes.


Together with SuperCase, we created a branded case for Tatyana Novikova’s smartphone. It will reliably protect the gadget and carry our common brand to the masses.


Today all the necessary information is always at hand – on our smartphone. So if you aren’t going to create a mobile application, site must be adapted for mobile devices.


We consider this feature for every site we create.

Our cooperation with Tatyana Novikova was fruitful and enjoyable. A young, attractive, purposeful woman who clearly knows what she wants, sets goals and achieves them. This amazing business woman has already won the hearts of many of her followers and our team has not left indifferent. We are really lucky with such a customer.


By subscribing and completing the course of Tatyana Novikova, you will receive a diploma of completion of the course and a special catalog with useful practices for every day. If you are already interested or need more information to get started - do not hesitate! Go to Tatyana’s website and take the opportunity to improve your health and maintain beauty.


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